Frequently Asked Questions
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Is there any service after purchasing an application?

Yes, in the first year we provide a free full-service. Here we provide you every month with the statistics of your application and what could go better, and adjust small things if necessary.

What are the guide prices of your applications?

We do not use guide prices. This is because your idea is unique, and there should be no predetermined price tag! Based on your wishes we will look together at what the investment will be.

How many projects had you completed?

We have had numerous projects that have made us stronger and stronger. Thanks to the knowledge and experience we have gained, we can serve you in the best possible way.

How can I request a quote for an application?

You can request a quote via the contact page. Here you can explain your project in an outline, where an employee will then contact you.

Can I edit my website myself afterwards?

This is certainly possible, upon delivery of the website you will receive your own login information. If there are any questions you can always contact us and we will answer them.

Does my website work on any device?

All the applications we create are responsive on any device.

Do you accept crypto payments?

Yes, we accept crypto payments in the form of BTC (Bitcoin) or ETH (Ethereum).

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