About Chanz
Great work produces great results.

Chanz Concepts is an international application development company without borders! Thanks to our collaborations around the world, we can serve our customers as well and as professionally as possible at competitive rates.

The applications we deliver are always delivered within the agreed time frame, no excuses. Thanks to this feature you can continue as soon as possible with what you do best, entrepreneurship.

Our Story
It started as a concept,
which soon became a reality.

Chanz Concepts was conceived as a sketch in 2018, the goal was immediately certain. Making the client happy with applications for their business.

A business project which started regionally, quickly grew to the international market.

Thanks to the collaborations Chanz has made over the years, it now has both feet on the ground.

Shayan Hosseini, CEO – Founder

On Time

All applications have a deadline.

Latest Technologies

Our applications innovate with us.

Structured Work

We'll update you during the project.
How it Works
The process we go through.

The Outline

One of our employees will meet with you digitally or physically to discuss your concept.

The Execution

Based on the information gathered, our webmasters will immediately get to work to bring your concept to reality.

Revealing the Creation

satisfied with the final result? We publish your application and then the real work can begin!